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We carry a wide range of brochures that offer information and instruction on how to experience the providence, provisions and promises that God has made available to us through Jesus Christ.

A Baruch Reward - Presents God's promise of a perpetually protected life. GTGP Product No. 090109 Brochure Package of 15
God's Pardon Program - Discusses God's Pardon Program. It provides instruction on how a person may receive a pardon from God. GTGP Product No.: 101509 Brochure Package of 15
The Choice Is Up To You - Conveys that each person determines where they will spend eternity. Provides vital questions each individual must ask themselves. Contains special information to assist with making the right choice. GTGP Product No.: 110509B Brochure Package of 15
Dine On The Word - Addresses the significance of a regular diet of dining on the Word of God. GTGP Product No.: 090509 Brochure Package of 15
What Satan Thought - Indicates what Satan thought regarding the conviction and crucifixion of Jesus Christ . GTGP Product No.: 03032010 Brochure Package of 15

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