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Books and Bookmarks

Each book provides information to strengthen the child of God's walk with Jesus Christ and increases knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. Each bookmark provides and insightful message and functions as a beneficial daily resource for the disciple of Jesus Christ. 

CALVARY GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT! - Reminder of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross of Calvary. GTGP Product No. 3302010 Bookmark Package of 10
Holy Bible - GTGP Product No. HB-00001982 ISBN 0-7180-1086-8 New King James Version Paperback CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
Armed And Dangerous - Straight Answers From The Bible GTGP Product No. AD-00002002 ISBN 1-58660-733-2 Paperback 5 In Stock
199 Favorite Bible Verses For Men - GTGP Product No. BVM-00002002 ISBN 1-58660-733-2 Paperback Only 1 In Stock
The Little Library-Prayer - A 31 day plan to enrich your prayer life. By Andrew Murray GTGP Product No. 00001995 ISBN 1557486468 Booklet-Paperback CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
Diagnosis Sin - Provides facts on the severe effects of the disease of sin. GTGP Product No. 03072010 Booklet - Paperback
The Power of Love Versus The Love of Power - Provides insight regarding the the power of love and the love of power from a scriptural viewpoint. GTGP Product No. 04002010 Booklet Electronic Version (Adobe Format)
Armed For Battle - GTGP Product No. AFB-00001996-EB Booklet Electronic Version (Adobe Format)
One For All And All For One - GTGP Product No. OFA-00002008-EB Booklet Electronic Version (Adobe Format)
It's The Balm - GTGP Product No. ITB-00002008-EB Booklet Electronic Version (Adobe Format)
Travelers Alert - Reminds the Christian that the only direction the devil knows is to hell. GTGP Product No. 101409D Bookmark Package of 10
Make Your Reservation Today - Provides details on how to make and confirm your reservation for heaven. GTGP Product No.: 101409C Bookmark Package of 10
The View From The Mountaintop - Contains information relating to "The Mountaintop" referred to by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his final speech. It also provides a view of future mountaintop like experiences as depicted in the Holy Scriptures. It may be used for Black History Month activities. GTGP Product No.: 012500 Bookmark Package of 10
Hope Falls Down Hell Fills Up - Reveals why Satan loves it when man's hope in God starts to fall down. GTGP Product No: 110509A Bookmark Package of 10
KISSED By Jesus - States "I LOVE BEING KISSED BY JESUS." Why to love it is indicated in the word KISSED. GTGP Product No.: 101409B Bookmark Package of 10
Keep It Real - Indicates how to maintain a real relationship with Jesus Christ. GTGP Product No.: 101109 Bookmark Package of 10
Death Traps That Lead To A Dead End - Contains Satan's obvious death traps that he uses to lead people to a dead end. GTGP Product No.: 101409A Bookmark Package of 10

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